Saint Benedict (kansas)

We arrive in Seneca's county for the annual carnival of the parish, at the speeds of reunion of family. All the farmers of the place met themselves on the benches of the bingo, this first-rate game which allows the American parishes to harvest a good part of their annual budget. Saint Benedict was based in 1859 by German immigrants. And since, one is a farmer of father in son: one is born to Saint Benedict, one is baptized there, one gets married there (when one finds a girl who is not his cousin), one brings up to it the family - rather numerous - and one is buried there.

Our presence puts a little hot pepper in the daily life of the village. All the families came to encourage the players for the weekly contest of baseball, and, among the most faithful fans, the Father Owen recommends us the first-rate " baked potatoes " (of big potatoes filled with the meat). Certainly, these three young Frenchmen have of what to amaze the farmers of Saint Benedict! " Oliv-heur and Emmanyouel " has just realized shots in beat it, to make jealous all the lads of the village. It is necessary to go out of training ground - saint Benedict's cemetery! - to find balls thrown by these beginners miracles.

In spite of the good sight child, the Father Owen, our host for those days, has a piercing blue glance which calls it long on his lucidity: " mentalities have trouble changing, here, he notices. When a family does not come to the mass, it phones to me before, being afraid that one wonders of the absence ". He needed months also to accept to the farmers that their women give him a help to the parish.


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