Las Vegas

Second bad adventure: by arriving at Las Vegas in the evening, we realize that we forgot at Ever our films on Los Angeles. Back home!. Hardly the time to get acquainted with our hosts. Céline and Olivier make going there and back in the night. At about 1. 30, eyelids are heavy, she begins dreaming, fate of the road. Fortunately, the road is carved so that wheels make a noise wake one died. Olivier takes the steering wheel. By arriving in HER, we hope to cool and to discuss a moment with Christopher. But he stretches out us K7 by the chink of the door and wishes us a good return towards Los Angeles, without more comments. Céline has just the time to perceive on the sofa a beautiful feminine blouse.
Arrived at Las Vegas at about 8. 30 of the checkmate! Have a good laugh of the road. We get acquainted finally with our family of reception, a couple Terry and Kathina, two children, Caroll and Tyler a good job, three cars, two dogs, a beautiful house, a swimming pool, " american way of life " which!
Tharp is charming, nothing disturbs them, one is at home as to us. They are settled to Vegas for four years, coming from Phoenix in Arizona. Asking him which is the charm of a city as Las Vegas, Terry answers us that it is one of the rare cities in the world where one can ski on the mountains of the Nevada and swim in his swimming pool the same day! We squat in the kitchen to have Internet on the line of telephone. During two days, our ordis will miss to be a part of the crockery. Las Vegas is a really surprising city. It is better to call him rather Thermostat 10. Put in the desert of the Nevada, one burns there literally! It made 43 ° for the shadow when we arrived. At 18. 30! But how we one are little stamped and that we are there to work (eh yes, eh yes!) we are going to defy scorching heat to make shots and to get back some sounds.


Even in Vegas, cars are extravagant

Vegas is the city of the United States which develops most quickly: about 6 000 new inhabitants a month! The city is as well as a gigantic succession of pavilions all more flashy some than the others, to push a lover of the beautiful stones avenues crushed with the sun are of a Stalinist width. One is in States, here, then one of the space and one shows it. We stop in a church in prefabricated as there is more and more of it here. As soon as a district builds up itself, a church grows. Vegas, it is a history of coincurrence among Catholics and Mormons. Here, numerous couples are mixed, father Mormon and catholic mother, and the two attend two cults! Vegas, or individualism and schizophrenia pushed to their extremes.

In the evening, even though we should be collected in the teaspoon, we do not resist to leave towards Strip, Vegas's boulevard, other city light, full of casinos. The place is hallucinating. It is to whom will have the most beautiful and big neon, the most kitsch hotel. On Strip, they reconstituted the place Saint Marc of Venice and the Eiffel Tower (100 metres all the same). It is necessary to admit that it is all the same bluffing. Wanting too much to deceive Robert de Niro, we lose 30 dollars in the casino, but the atmosphere of madness of the game is for the meeting, even at three o'clock in the morning. It is time for us to leave " Sin City ", the " city of the sin " as one often calls it, to abandon the capital of the toc for ever take off eastward, as would have said it the professor Sunflower...

After some sleepless nights, Manu cracks lead


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